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About Us

Signet Millwork was founded in 2013, but its story begins in 1991, when Steve Brown began making products for kitchen cabinet companies in the shed behind his parents’ house. Steve’s backyard business grew and relocated twice to keep up with demand.

Since then, Signet Millwork has seen tremendous growth and has completed some incredible projects. Signet has a close relationship with not only its customers, but its suppliers, facilitating some of the shortest lead times, highest quality materials and best pricing anywhere.

Signet gets to know each customer personally and treats them like part of the family, because our job depends on making customers happy. In most industries, there is a bar set for the highest levels of achievement that companies work to meet. Signet Millwork doesn’t reach for the bar – we are the bar others try to meet because we set the standard in the first place.

We put our “seal of excellence” on everything we do, and we promise to make sure every job is completed to satisfaction.

The Signet Name

The Signet name stands for quality and accountability, and its roots are deep. In ancient times, Kings would use a Signet ring to stamp things with their official approval. If something had the King’s seal on it, anyone could trust it was genuine. When we take on a project, we intend to stamp our own seal on it. That long-term thinking is what leads us to do everything we can to make sure projects are executed correctly.

Let’s face it, things can happen. If it were a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about weather, mechanical failure, equipment or human error. We all know it’s not a perfect world, but at Signet, that doesn’t stop us. If a problem occurs, we won’t stop until it’s taken care of. Our name depends on it.